Make Your Website Visible

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has changed the way in which websites are curated for an audience. During the advent of the digital age, being online was everything. However, social media and digital advertising has changed all that. Being the first listed website for any search is the goal and websites are populating themselves with content that ensures top ranking in a search.

Google is the definitive search engine and being top ranked or being organically top ranked on Google is the goal currently. Google Optimierung, or Google Optimization, enables websites to achieve this goal effectively. Let’s have a closer look at how content is ranked on Google.

Ranking on Google

Google has a complex algorithm through which websites are ranked in their search listing. If you scroll to the end of a search, you will see text that reads “Goooooooooo….gle” in the company’s signature colours. This text implies that there are more search pages. However, it is a statistically proven fact that users don’t look beyond the first page of a search listing.

It is a well-known fact that Google’s entire design and interface is user-centric. This has been done with revenue in mind. When a Google search throws up results, it also shows a few paid advertisements.

In order for your website to be visible on the top ranks, it must have relevant content, useful content, and more importantly informative content. If you have populated a website with only keywords and then expect users to browse through your website, it will not help your case. However, if you have a website that is well-designed and, more importantly, well-written, then, you have a winning combination.

Despite what people think, making a website visible is not as simple as stuffing it with content that has keywords that the search engine will pick up and rank the website at the top. In order for a website to be a success, it must also be helpful to users. Especially on a platform like Google.